FAQ: What Can I Hire a Freelance Attorney to do?

     Hiring a freelance attorney is a great way to help manage overflow work, have more free time, and expand the business of your law firm. Over the course of my freelance career, I have had the pleasure of assisting attorneys from all over the country manage their case load and prepare winning briefs. Some examples of work I have performed in the past include:

Draft motions: I love motion work, and have drafted motions for summary judgment, motions to dismiss, motions to set aside a default, motion for judgment on the pleadings, demurrers, motions in limine, and motions to amend (along with oppositions and replies).

Assist with discovery: I have prepared discovery requests, subpoenas, deposition notices, motions to quash, motions to compel, and motions for sanctions (among other discovery-related documents). For clients in a bind I can also perform document review (although it is not my favorite).

Legal research projects: I’ve had several clients come to me for help researching specific issues. For example, one client of mine blew a court-imposed deadline and asked me to help him find a way around it. Another needed to know how to take over a maquiladora operation in Mexico. I love taking on projects that are unique, challenging, and a break from the norm.

Miscellaneous documents: In my practice I have also drafted settlement agreements, complaints, answers, objections, protective orders, stipulations, answers, all types of ex parte applications and notices, jury instructions, exhibit lists, and more.

Last minute filings: Many clients have reached out to me requesting assistance with last minute motions, ex parte applications, and discovery-related documents. When “it” hits the fan, it’s important to have a support system of other attorneys who can help out in a time crunch.

If you an attorney, I would love to assist you on your next legal writing project. I am always up for a legal writing challenge and can be reached at (619) 804-8139 or meghan@meghandohoney.com.



  • Standard rate: $120/hour
  • Rush rate (due in 5 business days or less): $145/hour