New Ebook: How to Succeed as a Federal Judicial Law Clerk

Recently hired as a federal judicial law clerk? Check out my e-book, available on, called “How to Succeed as a Federal Judicial Law Clerk.” Clerking for a federal judge is a tough job – the expectations are high and the learning curve is steep. This book is intended to help readers in their adjustment to becoming a federal law clerk and provide them with a running start before they even begin their first day.

Ebook content includes:

 • Clerkship basics: Including what federal law clerks do, who they work with, and the benefits of clerking for a federal judge
30 law clerk tips and tricks: Including what to read before you begin clerking, how to interact with attorneys appearing before your judge, and how to ensure that your chambers runs smoothly
Case progression in federal court: Includes a primer on what happens at the beginning, middle, and end of case
Answers to frequently asked questions
Glossary of terms to know before beginning a judicial clerkship

Available for purchase here.



  • Standard rate: $120/hour
  • Rush rate (due in 5 business days or less): $145/hour