FAQ: Who Are Your Clients?

As a freelance attorney, my clients are generally solo practitioners who tend to fall into one of two camps. Most commonly, my clients are attorneys who love litigating in court, but don’t love sitting down to write a motion. They enjoy being in front of a jury, arguing a motion in open court, or negotiating a settlement. To them, writing is a necessary evil of being an attorney. Many of my clients simply decide that they want to spend their time engaging in the aspects of lawyering that they enjoy and outsource those writing tasks that they do not.

The second type of client that I typically see is the attorney who doesn’t mind writing, but their practice is just busy enough that they can’t do everything by themselves but don’t need full-time support either. Sometimes these attorneys have a case that just explodes and they need temporary assistance drafting or responding to court filings.

My clients are found in jurisdictions all across the country. While I am licensed only in California, I am able to perform legal research and writing for attorneys practicing in other states because I have Lexis and Westlaw access for all fifty states. Further, because I do not sign any pleadings or interact with the ultimate client, merely performing legal research and writing is generally not deemed “the practice of law.”

If you are in need of a freelance attorney to draft or respond to court filings, please contact me at meghan@meghandohoney.com or (619) 804-8139.



  • Standard rate: $120/hour
  • Rush rate (due in 5 business days or less): $145/hour